Why am i here

I have often wondered why I blog, because I also journal, in many notebooks. However, this is my story from every walk, every corner, every heartache and every joy ever in my life. Yes, this is also my BLOG about PLEXUS, my full time job. That is why i have pages, to point you to where you want to go, i think? And this is what brings me to Blogging 101…

My name is Kelly. I have 5 wonderful amazing children, 2 of which are Angels in the heavens above. Dylan (19) and Colton (3) gained their wings April 22nd, 2012 and that is really when my life fell apart. Yet, it was very broken before that. 

My hopes in having this all around, all over, crazy minded and junkie (not literally) brain (blog)of mine, I will be able to give hope to others who have fallen, over and over. Who have been broken by every aspect and felt that there was never a real hope to gain anything better than what they “settled” in for.. It is also in my high hopes that I can make people who “judge” less judgmental and realize we all bleed the same, only difference is, the way we are each wired. 

My name is Kelly, I am a mother, a grieving mother, in love with an addict and a Plexus Junkie!

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