Self Discipline

Sometimes, we start out writing and really have no clue where we are going. Truth is, I believe many people start life the same way. I mean, from the time we are small children someone else is running your life. Telling you what, when, who, how…etc. You catch my drift. But learning self-discipline, (hopefully your parents set you up well for that ) growing through personal development and reaching your full potential, can lead to serious life changes.

So what are some personal development skills you can learn? I think you should start with self-discipline because, without that, nothing else will work. I am very skilled in many things, I make goals, write out schedules…Yet, I do not always follow through. The reason, SELF-DISCIPLINE, I will be the first to admit, my parents failed me and now I fail myself. My goal this week and the coming weeks is to follow through. Do what I set out for. Truth be told I do not follow my own list and that is the worst. Let alone my list for my kids. Which in turn means I am failing them.

Stick with it and you will overcome!
Stick with it and you will overcome!

So how am I going to do this, you ask? HA, well I ask myself that same question. With the first step. Writing out every night the things I MUST handle the next day, then things I want to take care of. I personally use this: Journal/Planner by Best Self! It is a pretty amazing little tool in a big tool box.

I figure if I can do this daily it will make a BIG change in our lives. I can say, that I have been really disciplined on doing my nightly Yoga, hitting the gym and working on my KetoLifestyle!

Please leave me a comment on how you plan out your days/weeks/months! I love hearing from you!

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