Second go around

I have been with Plexus since October 15th, 2014. Sadly, though, there have been a few times in which I ran out of the products, on top of the feeling of joy that overwhelmed me and I was just sharing with everyone…My friends, family, etc…BAD choice.

This is day 6 back on consistently. I am so proud of my accomplishments. Let me tell you how I have had a soda addiction for YEARS, and for YEARS, I have been on and off the wagon with Soda. As well, I am also a smoker, like to call myself a secret smoker, because I do not smoke in front of people anymore and have not for a long time, WHY, because it is gross. Funny thing is, I hate smokers. I have tried everything from cold turkey to Chantix. Nothing has worked. With Soda or Cigarettes. This is changing! I can feel it.

I woke up this morning and realized I have not had a soda in 3 days! That is just plain and simply AHHHHHMAZING! Truth is, out of habit, I almost stopped this morning, after Physical therapy and got myself one. But I really did not want it, I just filled my gallon water jug and left. I was shocked and surprised by my own will power. I have also realize, I am not smoking nearly as much during the day. It used to be a pack +, now, a pack lasts me 3 days…Well, its been 3 days since I have bought a pack and I still have some!!!

Can I lay the blame of this on Plexus?I am an Absolutist for PLEXUS. Let me just say all the things it has done and been doing inside my body.

  • Better sleep
  • Soda free for 3 days NEVER BEFORE has this happend
  • thyroid levels, DOWN
  • Cholesterol, DOWN
  • Pain from Physical Therapy is decreased
  • I have more energy
  • I am not depressed anymore
  • I find myself getting bored and wanting to go do things, as before, I would just sleep
  • No more highs and lows with light headed dizzy spells
  • ONE huge bonus, 14 pounds is gone!

I have to say that Plexus is amazing, to me, my family and my friends.

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