How I Quit Smoking


I am a smoker, yep, there, I said it. A smoker who is trying to quit. I have been trying for years to quit and I finally accomplished it. But OH.MY.GOODNESS. let me tell you, IT HURTS TO QUIT SMOKING.

I often wonder what shifted in me to finally make me strong enough to put that cigarette down and not pick another one up. This is an addiction I have been battling for so long. And yet, here I am, Day #9 of NO CIGARETTES. Although I have vaped, I have not smoked. Even with the Vape, it is only a 3 mg and I only hit it a few times a day.

I have begun making videos of my Days of not smoking, if you would like to watch them, here is the playlist;

I hope it helps others out there trying to quit.

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