Tips To Resetting Your Sleep

Why do we need regular sleep

Each of us operates on a biological schedule that plays a big role in when we feel tired and when we feel awake. When our internal sleep clocks are functioning normally, they send our bodies signals to sleep in the evening and wake in the morning.

Conversely, your sleep clock can become broken due to travel, parenthood, working odd hours.

This can make your daily living difficult. You always feel tired or the need to nap, which can hinder your daily activities.

Why am I tired all the time

Before we can dive into the tactics used here, first, what is sleep and why do we need it!

According to Dr. Berg If you pass up the “tired” window, it is because you missed the natural wave of your sleep. Which is when you find you cannot fall asleep, even though you were tired an hour ago.

“Normally people will go through 4 cycles of sleep. The best time to go to sleep is 10:45-11:00pm. The superficial sleep is called REM and deep sleep is called the delta wave sleep.” Quoted from Dr. Berg

Delta is the place your body rejuvenates, heals and burns fat! Basically, DELTA sleep gives you the most rejuvenation, immune system repair, and overall health, healing cycles and stimulates the hormone we call Growth Hormone.

Get sleep back on track

So how do we wake up feeling refreshed? How do we get our sleep cycles back on track?


  1. Manipulate lighting
    Start dimming lights in the evening as the sun winds down, with your bedroom being virtually black and devoid of any screens or leds.
  2. Eat 7-10 Cups Of Veggies A Day
    This is just good for you!
  3. Limit your protein intake at night
    Protein is a stimulate. So eat a salad before you eat your protein at dinner
  4. Limit Caffeine intake 
    We all know this, so why do we do it?
  5. Walk at least 30 minutes day
    Daily exercise helps our minds to release all the noise. So find your quite place my walking after dinner!

Don’t forget to follow essential sleep hygiene principles during, and after, your sleep clock reset.

  • Give yourself enough time for adequate sleep
  • Maintain a strict and consistent sleep schedule
    • Stick to it
      • I get tired every evening around the same time. If I miss that window, I may as well stay up all night
  • Don’t take take naps for longer the 30 minutes
    • If you feel tired throughout the day, look into supplements
  • Create a relaxing night time routine
    • Such as a cool bath
    • Disfusing Essential Oils
  • Avoid electronics, bright lights and stress in the hours before bed
    • I have the nighttime setting activated on my phone
  • Don’t stress about not sleeping – think in positive terms
    • Get up and move


What tricks worked for you when trying to fix your sleep pattern?

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